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  • Name: DCX30 series mount cutter mach...
  • Hot selling model: DCX301209,DCX301610,DCX302412
  • Expansion function: creasing, drawing
  • Equipped tool: 55 degree card paper knife
  • Main cutting material:
  • Application:

DCX30 series mount cutter machine

DCX30 series mount cutting machine is the new generation mount cutting machine presented by AOKE, the capability is much better than the previous model. DCX30 mainly used for picture card paper frame cutting、3D calligraphy cutting. It’s very stably and easy to operate, and enables 45 degree and 55 degree angle cutting. It could used for gallery, cross stitch shop and frame factory, etc. This product also called card paper knife, mount cutter, photo mount cutter, cross stitch cutting machine, according to the different application.


Profit expert: AOKE DCX30 photo frame cutting machine is the most advanced and useful machine, which is well used for gallery, cross stitch shop and frame factory, etc.
Speed master: bring in foreign advanced control card to realize high cutting speed
Accuracy expert: imported linear guides and accurate cutting
Figure master: diversified cutting with intellectual head. e.g: to cut profile hole, V-groove and outer frame with flower types
Stability expert: have gotten good reputation from domestic and overseas since the first AOKE frame cutting machine in the year of 2003. And steady with the properties.
Usage expert: powerful AOKECUT software, friendly operation of the software, convenient to use; to finish changing blade within several seconds. 30 degree angle table make it easy to operate.
Saver master: initiate the first frame cutting machine in China, With self-owned intellectual property rights. The performance up to the international advanced level, but the price is very reasonable and the cost for maintenance and usage are very low. what are you waiting for? go ahead to buy one!

Cutting materials:
Card paper

Photo frame, cross stitch, gallery


 Mode  DCX301208  DCX301610  DCX302412
 Effective cutting area  1200*880mm  1600*1000mm  2400*1200
 Max acceleration speed


 Max speed  600mm/s
 Precision  ≤0.05mm 
 Max cutting thickness  3mm
 cutting angle  45/55 
 Occupy dimension(L*W*H)  1810*1330*1430mm  2210*1530*1430mm  3010*1730*1430mm
 Note  Other size can be customized.


Carved    Carved  Frame   
Various picture frames  Frame  Frame 

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